Advice for Writing

How many books, articles, blog posts, etc. can a writer read about writing advice? I believe that is a rhetorical question. Between the 4 of us here at PaddleCreekWriters the number is unbelievable.

And, yet, when I am on Pinterest (which is too often), I find myself look at pins about writing. Some of them are inspiring. Some are interesting, Some are informative. I save a truckload of them. Like 100 ways to say “went.” Or a huge list of collective names for animal groups (who knows when that will be handy). And this: Words to describe hair. Seriously. Interesting, right?

Then I came across this one. I have tried my best to track down the original source, but … it only goes to a graphic. If this is yours, I would love to give the credit where credit is due. Because this is really great for fiction writing. Simple, straightforward, helpful.

          Best Advice I Ever Received:

Ask yourself 3 questions

1.  Who is the character?

2.  What does the character want more than anything?

3.  How can I prevent them from getting it?

That’s it.


Good stuff.

What are you writing right now? What should you be writing right now?

Patricia Meyers













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