Once again…..Heeeeere’s Willie!!!!

A few months ago I introduced you to my beagle, Willie. He’s a rambunctious creature, stubborn and sweet—sugar and spice as they used to say. He, like most of us, has his faults, but we chalk them up to personality disorder (probably a result of feeding him table food) and move on. Continue reading


Words! Words! Words!


My growing up years in North Dakota were idyllic in the sense that our parents more or less left my sister and me on our own. It was the time in history when kids played outside from dawn to dusk without interference from adults. A quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich at noon and we were good to go for the rest of the day. We were sent into the world with certain instructions however. “Wear shoes!” “Stay away from the river.” “Don’t chase strange dogs.” “Leave your sister alone.” “Be home by dark.” Continue reading

Two and Counting…

happy birthday, paddle creek writers graphic


Two years ago, as I pressed the “publish” button and sent my first Paddlecreek article into cyberspace, my hands were shaking. It’s scary to put your thoughts out in public. Well, some things never change, as my heart will beat a little faster when I push the “publish” button for this column these many months later. It’s an overwhelming and heady feeling to think we can communicate with like minded people that we haven’t met…yet. Happy Anniversary to us!!!! Continue reading

Discussing Dialogue

Often we, the Paddle Creek Writers Group, meet at St. Louis Bread Co (called Panera Bread in other areas) to write and chat and eat and pretend we are writing.

This was the case on a recent Thursday afternoon/evening.

Behind me were two young men having a conversation. I could not tear my ears away. Continue reading

About a Writing Article About Writing Rules

I read an article about writing the other day. That’s a good thing to do as a writer, isn’t it? Learning is brilliant. Hearing what someone else has to say is wise.

But …

This article said you were to NEVER emphasize something with all caps. Why not? Doesn’t it do a good job emphasizing your point? Continue reading

Needed: Scrivener for the Dumbest of the Dummies

Being a writer is a job which continually tests the limits of both my endurance for learning and my patience. In the beginning of this writing odyssey Microsoft Word fulfilled all my needs. When I began collecting numerous chapter versions and research for my third novel, things soon got out of hand and I started losing my mind.  I could not keep track of what I had done, what I wanted to do and what I should be doing. When Pat and Bev mentioned Scrivener, it piqued my interest. Continue reading

I’ll Take All the Help I Can Get!

Isn’t it amazing to think that when you walk by an anonymous person on the city sidewalk he/she might be the first cellist in the St. Louis Symphony? Or the chief of cardiology at Barnes hospital? Or that the bib overall wearing, Johnny Cash loving neighbor next door might be the best pediatrician in the area?

The way the package is wrapped doesn’t necessarily describe what’s inside. So it is with books. They have to be known to be appreciated. And every book you read can teach you something about writing.

Continue reading