Christmas Greetings

The Korich Family Christmas Letter. I am sending this greeting to you because I caught the flu on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day I spent the day huddled under blankets on the couch watching movies as I alternately shivered and roasted. Needless to say I haven’t any brain power to come up with a witty blog post so I am sending our annual Christmas letter as a substitute:

Susan here,

To all of our dear friends and family and those acquaintances we’re just not sure about,

First of all, my apologies. I did not get any letters or cards out last year. For those of you who thought us dead. Surprise! We’re still here. In the same house, in the same marriage and mostly in the same clothes. Unless you’re wondering, yes, we do laundry. I was referring to a metaphoric meaning of the concept. Which brings me to the first item big in our little world. I have a novel coming out in 2018. Long Held Secrets has been in the making about eight years. Before you get excited and think it is a work of great fiction laboriously constructed and epic in detail, you forgot who wrote it. Truth is, I thought about it for seven years, and then wrote it in one. As it is self-published, it will come out as soon as Richard and I figure it out, or after divorce court. (I will make it a part of the settlement that the book has to be done.) I’m kidding. We won’t ever divorce. We may kill each other. Publishing is a nasty business. Look for it on Amazon in Kindle version or POD (print on demand). We’re still trying to understand all those indie publishing terms.

Still Susan here but I am going to pretend I am Richard and write a little note to all of you.

Hi everyone. Have a Merry Christmas…and a Happy New Year. Love, R*%^#&

Susan here, again,

Man, he hasn’t gotten any more long-winded than ever. Can you believe that signature? It looks like a doctor’s or a serial killer’s.

I guess it is up to me to fill you in on every thing my husband won’t say. He is still working for the USDA in St. Louis and enjoys his job. Frankly, I am just glad he is happier in his work because it stressed me out when he talked about the old one. He’s been left a little too long in the bleach cycle and forgotten in the dryer (grayer and more wrinkled), but essentially the same nice unassuming guy we know and love. He still enjoys the weather but mostly to trash the guy on channel 11. He thinks he’s a doofus. He spends most of his time taking care of me and running the vacuum. While I’m watching TV or trying to play the piano, or hear myself think.

As for me, have you heard I have a book coming out in 2018?  Available on Amazon in Kindle version or POD. No more upholstery, but I keep busy doing anything and everything else. Except vacuuming, Richard has that covered. He does other house stuff but the vacuuming really stands out. I mean really.  Maybe that will change because we invested in a DeeBot. Automatic vacuuming. Who knew? Other than the fact ET can’t quite find home after his job is done does not diminish the importance of low volume vacuuming on demand. VOD, if you will. Or maybe that is LVVOD?

Last, but certainly not lowest, on our yearly news is the additions to our family. Logan arrived in September, delivered by Rachel and Tyler is due to arrive sometime after Christmas. For Rebekah, delivery can’t come soon enough. Oh boy, more boys! Life is weird.

Richard and I could only turn out girls and our girls only turn out boys.

On a personal note, if anyone does not like the tone of this letter, don’t worry, I’ll find another one next year. Because, wait for it………I am an author and I have a book coming out in 2018 on Amazon in Kindle version or POD.

Love always and the warmest Christmas wishes,

Richard and Susan Korich (I am not sure why he always gets top billing. I am an author now and if you haven’t heard I have a book….All right Richard. I heard you. No more plugging. Don’t you have something to vacuum? `






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