Writer’s Block, Seriously?

I wrote the following ‘letter’ to Writer’s Block during a writing prompt on Saturday morning at one of our weekly PCW meetings. This in no way portrays anything in real life, it was clearly just for fun. Enjoy!

Dear Writer’s Block,

It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t know why you get all the credit and blame anyway. I’m not sure it’s that healthy for your ego. I mean, there are whole books dedicated to you and numerous articles about you. All this attention might go to your head.

What about me? I slave away day after day and yet don’t have a book or article about me. Who decided you were so great anyway?

Can I help it if I’d rather stare through the window and watch squirrels and grackles fight over the bird feeder? Or if I’d rather clean out and organize the refrigerator or scrub four toilets when I’m supposed to be writing? Or if I want to align everything on my desk just so and sharpen every pencil so the lead points are even? And put the pens in order of  rainbow colors?

sharpened pencils in writer mug

Sometimes these tasks take hours to do. And what about those dust bunnies I have to deal with; I have to chase them across the house until they scamper out the door? You know it’s hard to concentrate in a clutterly or dusty environment. Whose fault is this?

It can’t be mine. I’m too busy working on anything and everything but writing to be blamed.

Writer’s block, I’m seeing a whole new perspective here and I don’t think it has anything to do with you. You are getting way too much credit.

It isn’t writers’ block at all.

It’s OCD.


Happy writing! Kick the block to the corner!




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