Question. When is it a bad time to be writing a novel? Answer. When I am supposed to be writing a blog post.

On the fourth Monday of every month my alarm goes off at 8am. It reminds me that I have a blog post due that day. Usually I head for my computer and start composing an installment. This week is turning out quite differently.

Monday. Alarm goes off. Check. I dismiss alarm and head for the sitting room and my computer. Check. I head back to my bedroom and set up to begin writing a blog post. Check. I begin working on my novel. No check.

Tuesday. Honestly, I don’t know what happened to Tuesday. No check. Again.

Wednesday. I suddenly remember I haven’t done my weekly blog post. I retrieve my computer and set up in the bedroom to begin writing. I begin writing on my novel. Still no check. What is wrong with me?

Possible answer. A. I am flighty and forget easily. B. My novel is in the second draft and I am feeling the pressure of the year sliding by. C. I hate thinking up stuff to write in a blog post. D. All of the above.

Ding, ding, ding. It is D. because: A. I don’t even have to turn around or leave a room to forget what I’m supposed to be doing. B. I think I promised to have a complete novel by the end of 2017. Does having a first draft done count? C. Thinking up stuff for blog posts make me more A, less likely get me any closer to B. and start thinking like C. because let’s face it. Justification makes everything better.

Good news, Thursday is looking better even though the world (I am prone to exaggeration) now knows I can write a blog post about absolutely nothing. Check.






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