It Is All In The Perspective

Perspective. How many writers, artists and filmmakers have contemplated this? I can’t personally speak for filmmakers, but as an artist and a writer I have contemplated it many times. As an artist I look at everything based on placement or line of sight. Those mountains and trees in the background appear smaller, those telephone poles down the road look more like toothpicks, the road diminishes into a narrow thread. A rear facing mule looks decidedly bottom broad compared to the head. You get my drift.

Writers perspective is less clear in execution. Throw in point of view and voice, it gets confusing to the point of production constipation. For example, our little writer’s group had a little sit-down discussion about point of view, perspective and voice. It took a day of research to crack that shell open and shine a little light on that nutty meat. Frankly, I still don’t understand it. But, praise God and bless the angels, I have enough of a handle on it to sit down and write. I’ll let everyone else discuss, categorize and disseminate. My motto: If it is a good read, who cares? Besides the grammar and punctuation police might be out patrolling, ready to throw a rule breaker into review lockup, but the point of view, perspective and voice police are scarfing doughnuts and swilling coffee.

Happy writing,


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