Writing Prompt: Pros and Cons of Ebooks

When reading through one of my old writing notebooks, I came across this prompt our PCW members wrote about a couple years ago. I thought I would share it here and see what your thoughts are on ebooks now that they have gone mainstream and are quite popular.

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To Be Continued… (part 1)

(As we mentioned in our previous post, here we begin our round robin short story. Part 1 written by Bev …)

DSC_0288It seemed curious to me at the time–the stranger’s appearance simply oozed mystery and intrigue. He dressed in a stylish fashion; finely tailored suit, silk shirt, fashionable necktie, leather trench coat and wing-back shoes. But all in white. Not a smidgen of color. Except, of course, for his hair. That was candied apple red. See what I mean about curious?

It was Monday morning, and I was working at Twice Told Tales, a used bookstore in Las Vegas, Nevada. We usually attracted a t-shirt and flip-flop crowd who liked to spend their days with a Starbucks in one hand and a dog-eared copy of a Jack Kerouac book in the other. We would not be a comfortable place for the white leather  trench coat group.  Not exactly the immaculate environment you would expect a “Mr. Clean” to visit, if you know what I mean. Heck, I wouldn’t have expected his white convertible to even slow down as he drove by our store. Oh, did I forget to mention that he drove a white custom Chevy convertible? Continue reading

Blog On

Blog, blog, blog. Blah, blah, blah. This is what is going through my mind sitting here trying to come up with a blog post. Post. Post-traumatic, fence post, bang my head on a post, post-date, postpartum, parcel post, post mortem. That’s it! This blog post is DOA. “What was that, Bev?”

old books

Bev says I have to be positive and encouraging because Paddlecreek is all about uplifting fellow writers. Being positive is somewhat against my knee jerk reaction while under stress, but I am all about being encouraging. So here goes: Continue reading

Free Prompt Book!


We all here at Paddle Creek Writers (PCW for short) wanted to let you know that starting today and through Sunday, that our Prompted to Write e-book is free! It includes a short bio on each of us and what we think about prompts, some of which may surprise you! And of course inspiration and prompts for you to get going in your own writing world.

You can find it here: Prompted to Write

Prompted To Write by [Connell, Michelle, Korich, Susan, Lindbo, Bev, Meyers, Patricia]

If you like it, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know by leaving a review about it. Otherwise, enjoy and have a great weekend!

Michelle, for all of us at PCW (Bev, Pat, Susan and myself)

Live and Learn (Part II)

Today I have a great deal of compassion for the harried rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland.” He ran around all chicken-without-a-head like shouting “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.” This entry was to have been done by 6 AM this morning and—I put it off until the last minute—and had a crisis and now I’m late. The crisis involved dog, eye, vet, medicine and hopefully—healing. However, it also has made me crazy as I cannot abide being tardy for anything. Continue reading

No Prompt Writing Prompt VIII

The last two pieces to our postings of our No-Prompt Writing Prompt exercise:

Susan’s up:

Of course Bubba, the mechanic, had to specially rig the ol’ Zamboni to run that pace lap. Scraping up the Taldega asphalt would make us a NASCAR enemy for life. But there I was in my souped up version of an Icesurfacer 100 Zamboni waiting for the green flag. She was purring like a kitten and ready to run like a greyhound. Yep, a Greyhound Bus. Just about as big and not nearly as pretty, but she would get the job done.

Behind me the racers gunned their engines and my stomach started quivering. I could see people hollering in the stands, but the growl and screech of forty stock cars behind me drowned them out. The smell of burning oil and gas tickled my nose as I squarely set my racing goggles over my helmet.   Continue reading

No Prompt Writing Prompt VII

This is the final installment. Remember what we are doing? We are posting the work done one Saturday morning when we simply could not agree on a prompt. We each began writing with no pre-conceived starting point. We wrote for 10 minutes then moved our tablets to the left. Ten minutes each. Building on the story that was in the works. It was tricky! And fun.

Pat’s turn to begin:

It is interesting how one event, regardless of its magnitude, can completely alter the trajectory of your life.

For some it is getting married. For some it is having a child with an illness. For some it is winning a huge sum of money. For some it is a major invention.

Regardless of what else Alexander Graham Bell did with his life, one event is his legacy.

Was he kind? A good husband? A loving father? Was he witty or sarcastic or dull or rude? We have no idea. Continue reading

No Prompt Writing VI

(Continued from 4/14/15)

Pat slogs onward

No, pearls and diamonds are not going to cut it. I lost myself there for a moment with thoughts of shopping. Even If I had an unlimited credit card, I still will be trapped on a very finite vessel. So, I go out for some air. You know, for a walk. Oops, there’s the end of the boat, so I take a left. Oops, there’s another side! Geez!! I’ll go up a deck. What? Did I think it would be bigger up here? It isn’t.

Perhaps a visit to the food buffet. Those are legendary on cruises.

Great-I’m trapped on a finite vessel, with infinite numbers of creatures swimming below and around me, gorging myself on an unlimited supply of rich fattening foods, with extremely limited area for walking.

What the heck is he thinking? Seriously?

I he suggesting this as a prank knowing I will freak out? Is he?

If I found out he has reserved a beach house on a golden shore within walking distance of a farmer’s market and some lovely cafes but told me this, I will be furious! Actually, I am furious now just thinking about him possessing that kind of diabolic humor.

I need to think of something to get him back. I’m sure it’s a prank.

Well, an eye for eye I’ve read in the Good Book.  An eye for an eye…what would cause him trauma equal to what he has put me through? Hmmm.

Wait! I have it. I will… Continue reading