The Center

That which does not hold at the center will collapse. Architects, scientists, mining engineers and countless other occupations know this and use it to hold it together every day. Anyone who ever played the game Jenga knows it. I challenge that American society has forgotten this principle and therefore is unaware we are dangerously close to toppling the tower.

America has moved away from the precept of, if we gather He will come, to a precept of if we build it He needs to stay away. Most of America only knows the name of Jesus as a curse word. Yet, biblical truths for generations are what have held our nation together despite the evils of slavery, civil unrest, the bitter dregs of revolutionary, civil, global and cold war and taking up arms in the war on terror.  

Look to history before disagreeing. Study the fall of the Roman Empire, the rise of the Third Reich; the centers of which were rotting corpses masquerading as men of reason. Look to the Old Testament to discover Israel’s sins leading to exile, imprisonment and fracture beyond repair.

We the people have become a cacophony of voices screaming across social, auditory, visual and printed media. Our center of biblical truth based on the teachings of Christ has been drowned out, smothered and debased and the churches ridiculed into a social laughingstock. Our center is shrinking and hollowing because of sin, unrepentance, compromise and fear.

On our current trajectory, the calculation is not if we will collapse, but when? Can we pull it together and invite Christ to be our center and stave off the fall of the United States or will we continue on this path as rotting corpses masquerading as men of reason?


P. S. The dangers of reading a book like Bonhoeffer are that a researching novelist, like myself, can get caught in a loop of hyperawareness. I see alarming similarities in Germany before the second world war and the United States at present. God’s Christ-like principles are marginalized at best and ridiculed and discarded at worst. Should every American be a Christian? I would hope so for their sakes, but in truth it is unlikely. So, what then? Can we, as Christians, try to turn the tide to destruction by holding true to God’s compass? Can we plead, petition, inundate our government and ultimately hold the center from collapsing in our immediate future?  Can we look at Christians of other nations and truthfully say they are the only persecuted when the very definition of persecution is “subject someone to hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of their race or political or religious beliefs”?

Are not Christ and his followers under persecution by American society? What can we do to strengthen our ourselves in the battle against immorality, godlessness and corruption? As Dietrich Bonhoeffer pleaded to the churches of Germany; have a relationship with Christ and live every day as if your life depended on it. Because, my friends, it does.



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