Beating Writer’s Blech

Words stringing into sentences, sentences stringing into paragraphs and paragraphs stringing into chapters. That is writing at its best, which produces a novel. What happens when the writing of words equals the backspacing of words? Writer’s blech. When I can write, I can write volumes on that.

What I can write about beating writer’s blech could fit in a monthly blog post. What a coincidence. I am writing a blech blog post. Here’s what I know about conquering the situation of backspacing over every word. Keep going. Hopefully a few words will come out right and the slump, like hot jalapenos, will pass.

After four months I stumbled out of writer’s blech and had a good writing day last Thursday. Whew. I have no idea how I fell into the doldrums of writing and I have no idea how I got out. Like biorhythms writing waxes and wanes. I am just happy to be back in the waxing.

Writing can be fun. It can also be a source of angst. Try not to do what I do when I am in the midst of a slump. Hair pulling, head pounding and hand wringing gets bald, concussed and sprained fingers. I don’t recommend it.

Write on,



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