What’s the deal with Journaling?

Journaling daily is kind of a funny thing. Scribbling thoughts and emotions for no real purpose. Nothing more than simply acknowledging those thoughts and giving form to the emotions.

Maybe that’s not so bad.

Maybe if we would acknowledge our feelings we could deal with them. Like facing the dirt in our corners. We can glare at it. Get frustrated by it. Or we could grab a rag, squat down, and clean it up.

It’s such a good feeling to clear it away. Something no one else may ever notice or know about. but we know it’s there. And it bugs us. We never talk about it, but it’s kind of always there.

Yet, once it is dealt with, we feel lighter. Brighter. A tiny little bit freer.

It’s a lovely feeling. It’s a sweet simple treat just for our self. No one else. Just us. How nice and pleasant is that? Giving our self a treat.


That’s what journaling is. A treat for our very own self. Sometimes it begins weird:

  • “I don’t know what to write.”
  • “I feel stupid.”
  • “It doesn’t make any sense.”
  • It’s not really helping anything.”

Then one day we hit a groove. A vein opens up and stuff spills out. And we realize the value.

The only way to get to the therapeutic benefit is to do it daily. Or at least regularly.

Got a journal? Notebook? Tablet? Scrap paper? Envelope?
How about a pen? Pencil? Marker? Crayon?

Time to get writing. Give it a go. Try it daily from now to Thanksgiving and see if you don’t feel something open up in your heart.

A challenge …..

Pat Meyers



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