Once a week, our merry little band of writers in Southern Illinois meets, writes, struggles, encourages and rejoices in each other’s success. We are known to lug our computers to a local restaurant, or to a home, or travel to writing conferences or go on retreats. And all the while, we write. Some days things go well and some days we are …well… up a creek without a paddle. And thus was born Paddle Creek Writers.

We knew that we were constantly learning and thought it would be fun to share with others who had the same passion. It was out of the joy that we have gotten from writing that we decided to share our experiences with others by writing this blog.

The Paddle Creek Writers, Michelle, Susan, Bev, and Pat support each others’ writing as well as the various issues of life. You know what we mean: marriage, children, surprise pregnancies, teen-aged children issues, grown children issues, grandchildren, illnesses, surgeries, deaths. We have continued to write together through every season and have grown as writers and women.

We have four completely different writing styles and purposes, and that makes a great group. We have all been published. Pat and Susan have books on Kindle. Michelle and Bev have published non-fiction and will be published on Kindle soon. We recognize and celebrate each others’ strengths and thoroughly enjoy our differences. Mostly we support and encourage each other.

Our first group publication, Prompted to Write, is Paddle Creek Writers’ answer to over twelve years of searching for writing prompts. We’ve taken them from printed books, online sources, and magazine articles looking for perfect literary inspiration. It is full of writing prompts, yes; but it also has encouragement from us on how we feel about prompts and how they have benefited (or annoyed) us. We offer hints on how to use prompts to encourage you or your group.

We love being part of a writing group, we recommend it highly!

Michelle, Susan, Bev, Susan


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