Introducing Michelle

My name is Michelle and I have been freelance writing part time for nearly twenty years. I work around homeschooling, my family, and normal daily life. I love to write and can’t wait to get to my computer most days.

I am now working on novels, which I never would have attempted if not for the other members of Paddle Creek. Originally, I thought I would write children’s stories and articles. But one year my friends encouraged me (harassed gently :)) to try writing a novel. At the time, my youngest was ten-months old and I thought my friends were crazy. But in the evenings, while my son played on his blanket, I wrote a novel, word by word. I finished the National Novel Writing Month challenge by writing 50,000 words that month. I couldn’t believe it could be done. And since then, I’ve been writing novels, editing them, and now am blogging one at It has been such fun and made me realize I could write more than I thought possible.

I also know that I can sit down on the first of November with no idea of who my characters are, where my setting is, or anything about a plot, and write a story. If you have nothing written, you have nothing to edit. Writers write and that’s what I’m doing.

My writing journey began when I was young, according to my dad. He said I wanted a hypiter (typewriter) when I was two. I recently asked him why I had wanted one and he thought in my mind a typewriter would write words. He added that I was reading billboards around town when I was three and four. I have loved words ever since—I love to read and now am working on books of my own. If I can do it, around my homeschooling lifestyle and craziness, you can too.

You have to decide to be a writer and then write.

Welcome to Paddle Creek Writers!  We hope you enjoy our blog and feel free to introduce yourself as well.




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