Is It Tomorrow Already? Part One

owl and books

In our writing group, although we all love to write, each of us excels at something different. Susan is the master of witty rejoinders—laugh out loud quips and detail.Plus she writes a whale of a cookbook. Pat hones her many talents writing for youth, inspiring us with her blog and drawing us into her thoughts with clever word play (did I mention she also has a passion for children’s ministry?). Michelle is the calm voice of reason…assuring us that we can be wild and crazy because “it’s only fiction.” Plus she blows us away with her tenacity as she blogs her novel.

What then, you may wonder, is left for Beverly to do? I have a unique place in Paddlecreek Writers as I am the resident procrastinator. It is a skill I can, with modesty, proclaim I have perfected. I want to spend some time with you discussing my specialty, but The Book Thief is coming on TV tonight and I have to watch. We’ll talk more tomorrow. 🙂


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