On Being a Writer

Dream of being a writer?

It’s not hard — you just put words on a screen or a piece of paper. That’s it. Right? Sure it is!

The next step is the tricky one. Having people read them. And enjoy them. And want to read more of them.

It has been 13 years since I starting writing materials for Children’s Ministry to sell. I started my website through many tears (it’s so easy to do now), I packaged the material so it would be easy to use, copy, pass out to staff, etc., and I registered to be a speaker at a large International Convention. So many memories are tied up in that sentence. You know what I mean — the struggles, the headaches, the frustrations. And the thrill and exhilaration of a completed project.

Then there was the first sale. I was so scared. My mouth said, “I hope you enjoy it and blessings on your Children’s Ministry.” My head said “Really? You want to pay money for what I wrote???” But I took her money. And many other monies at that first little conference.

Zephaniah tells us: “Do not despise small beginnings.” I head his voice in my head that day over a decade ago. And I still hear it today as I attempt something new, or push my comfort zone, or ____________ (fill in the blank for yourself).

Becoming a writer is full of small beginnings. Like getting up early and putting some time in. Sharing what you wrote with a friend. Reading out loud at a writers’ group meeting. Saying the words “I’m a writer!” Keep on going. One small thing after another and before you know it, you have a writer’s life pathway taking shape at your feet.

If it is in your heart, start putting words down. Too simple? Yup. It is just that simple. Get started. If you are already started — keep going. If you used to do it and have fallen into a slump, start doing it again.

There you go. You’re on your way. Now, what is your writing goal for this week? No goal, no action. No action, nothing to get excited about.

Let us know. We’ll be excited with you. We really will.

Patricia Meyers
You can find Pat’s author page on Amazon or visit her website at www.ChildrensChurchStuff.com



4 thoughts on “On Being a Writer

  1. I have two main goals this week: to work on a short story assignment and revise the next couple of scenes for my inspirational novel at HeirForceNovel.wordpress.com. I will be thrilled to pieces if I get these two things done!! Thanks for the encouraging words to keep going!

  2. Great post. You have come a long way from making copies. Who would have thought we would join the digital age with such enthusiasm.

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