Oh, That Infamous Green Dress

Once in a blue moon (note to self: what the heck does “blue moon” mean?? I better look that up first chance I get) I find a piece of clothing so perfect that I wear it forever.

Right now, hanging in my closet, is a red cardigan sweater I got from my husband for Christmas 27 years ago. It is so comfortable, and cozy and nice to wear that it will be cherished until the last thread unravels and it is no longer a recognizable shape. You probably have something like that in your closet, too. Continue reading

Discussing Dialogue

Often we, the Paddle Creek Writers Group, meet at St. Louis Bread Co (called Panera Bread in other areas) to write and chat and eat and pretend we are writing.

This was the case on a recent Thursday afternoon/evening.

Behind me were two young men having a conversation. I could not tear my ears away. Continue reading

Live and Learn (Part II)

Today I have a great deal of compassion for the harried rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland.” He ran around all chicken-without-a-head like shouting “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.” This entry was to have been done by 6 AM this morning and—I put it off until the last minute—and had a crisis and now I’m late. The crisis involved dog, eye, vet, medicine and hopefully—healing. However, it also has made me crazy as I cannot abide being tardy for anything. Continue reading

Live and Learn

Years ago, when I lived in Tokyo (the one in Japan not the one in Los Angeles), a friend and I bought tickets for a charity event  to tour the ten most beautiful private gardens in the city. The thought of being up close and personal in such loveliness had us in a high state of anticipation for days. We learned our excitement was justified. Continue reading

Rain Rain Go Away

Okay, back to my Amtrak trip. Did I mention that we boarded in the rain…the pouring-down, watch-out-the-dam-doesn’t break, get-the-kids –to-the roof -type of rain? Did I mention that our car was the last one on the train and that there was no cover over us as we walked to our car so that we looked like drowned rats by the time we got on board? Never mind. That was probably the highlight of the trip, (After the bacon episode, of course.)

Amtrak in the rain

Continue reading

Do You Know Where Your Bacon Is Tonight??

Inspiration. In-spi-ra-tion. A good idea.

There are several definitions of inspiration in Mr. Webster’s dictionary. One of them is “something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create: a force that inspires someone,”— but the one I like best is “A good idea.” Short and to the point. Continue reading

Tomorrow…The End

It’s just past midnight and my eyes are glazing over. The Mad Men marathon on AMC is addictive and I am now officially hooked. It’s a shame I turned it on, because today was my deadline for finishing the procrastination article. 

Actually, until Don Draper appeared on my TV screen, I was making good progress. I had come up with an idea, done some research, outlined my thoughts and typed a title— 17 Sure Fire Ways to Keep From Procrastinating on the computer.  Unfortunately, at that point. I decided to relax for a minute and switched on the television. Just to unwind. Big mistake. Continue reading