Is This Your Lemon Pie????

Let me take you back a few years.

My friend, Sandy, could bake up a storm. She could look at a recipe and know immediately that she could make an award winning copy of whatever confection she had just read about. She was young and knew that there was nothing culinary she couldn’t accomplish. Continue reading


Sam Elliot Has Udders?

The sound of that deep-chested, country drawl drew me to the living room. I am a sucker for a deep voice, cowboy swagger and flinty-eyed gaze. Stony Burke was my first love and I could hardly wait for Lawrence Welk to be over on a Sunday night to watch Jack Lord’s denim-clad backside hit saddle leather on a bucking bronc. John Wayne, with his distinctive crooked swagger, tilted hat and drawl-halt lines introduced me to the western comedy of McClintock! fame and I loved every minute of it. Sam Elliot has taken the cowboy role different places with being a celestial grave-digger, one-armed lawman and now an animated, cinematic, guitar-toting bovine. Yes, you read that right, a cartoon cow in a movie called Barnyard. Continue reading

No-Prompt Writing Prompt Part IV

And now a few words from Michelle…

If she had used the silent hour glass no doubt their guests could still smell the aroma of the eggs cooking. But gosh darn it—they smelled delicious and it was her birthday. Why shouldn’t she get to celebrate it with one of her favorite dishes? And who could resist fresh baked bread? She was a baker for Pete’s sake! Was it her fault others in town didn’t save up and scrimp for the hard times coming? Why should she be fired for having forethought and being organized? Continue reading