Research, if you dare (rhymes with rocket’s red glare)

The other night as my husband and I set out on a stroll around the neighborhood with our dog, Dora, we found ourselves in the midst of a celebration featuring fireworks. Never have we seen so many displays of pyrotechnics; which to my mind is equal to setting fire to piles of cash as an invitation to encouraging a law enforcement visitor.  Our little town forbids any fireworks other than hand-held sparklers and firecrackers. What are we if not a nation of independents with a history of law bending and breaking? Don’t like the tax? Have a tea party. Think the monarch sees the colony as his personal cash cow and sets unreasonable goals and tasks from afar? Get a hundred or so of your closest buddies together and sign an animal skin. Call it the Declaration of Independence and be prepared to stake your life from the moment you give it your John Hancock. Continue reading