Writer Mama–a Book Review

I am the only member of Paddle Creek Writers who has children in the home.  Writing around children can be a challenge, so when this book came out several years ago, I bought it right away.  I’m glad I did.  Lots of great stuff in it!


Writer Mama
By Christina Katz
© 2007 Writer’s Digest Books
296 pages, $14.99

Can motherhood and writing go together? Absolutely! It takes some scheduling and discipline, but it can be done. Katz outlines the steps moms can follow for a stay-at-home writing career while still spending time with their children.

Short chapters and an easy to read style help make this book a pleasure to read. Writer Mama encourages new writers to start with tips and similar short pieces to gain clips to use to break into local and regional markets and then use those clips to break into glossies and national publications. There are no shortcuts and no luck according to Katz. Do your work well and pay your dues and in time editors will come to you.

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