Is This Your Lemon Pie????

Let me take you back a few years.

My friend, Sandy, could bake up a storm. She could look at a recipe and know immediately that she could make an award winning copy of whatever confection she had just read about. She was young and knew that there was nothing culinary she couldn’t accomplish. Continue reading


Time to Blog

There it is on my smartphone calendar for August 31, 2015; my personal nightmare and a few handfuls of followers worry; BLOG POST DUE, situated above the day’s other entry: CT Scan. The latter is a brief, painless procedure of modern medical science. The former is a long, painful procedure which may involve the deployment of oxygen, ice packs and strangely, a CT Scan. Continue reading

My Space

This day did not start out as it should. At this moment I am supposed to be cozily ensconced at St. Louis Bread Company with my writer friends Bev and Michelle, writing a blog post. Okay, so I am writing a blog post, but mostly I am thinking about what happened before I started writing. Continue reading