Point of View Discussion

One topic that surfaces at every writer conference, writer retreat, writing meeting, writer get-to-gether, writing book, and every other writer event you can think of, is point of view.

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Writing Weekend

It is another retreat weekend again.YAY! We returned to Rend Lake Resort again. Apparently we like it here.

I’m writing this as I sit at the wooden table in our room. The table is moved close to the door because the light in this part of the room is the only decent light we have. However, the other two are snoozing so that light is off. But I have the bathroom door open and the light from there along with the computer light is sufficient. Continue reading

7 Things You Should Know About Writers’ Retreats

Here are some things you might not (but should) know about writer’s retreats:

  • Someone (or someones) always forgets something. It is usually a food item. It is usually a food item they committed to bringing for the meal plan for the weekend.
  • The Wi-Fi never works perfectly. Never. It is a rule. Apparently.
  • Something strange happens at the hotel: the staff asks to use the laundry machines in your cabin for someone else’s sheets; you ask for a basic thing like a chair and it takes a half day (if ever) to arrive; there are never enough wash cloths for three women; a creature of one variety or another pays a call; and so on.
  • Non-stop snacking is part of the retreat agenda, albeit unwritten. Clearly writing so long is calorie depleting.
It's embarrassing, really.

It’s embarrassing, really.

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How to Do a DIY Retreat Part II

tara point 2014 003

Other ways to do a retreat would be to set up childcare for a full Saturday or Sunday and with goals in hand, write at a local café or library. If children aren’t a concern, maybe go to a local hotel for one night and check in early and check out late to get the most of a quiet place to write.

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