In Honor of Memorial Week

In honor of Memorial Day week, I would like to make a few remarks on memory. I don’t remember why this is significant so I am going to try and jog something loose.
The other day my husband and I were discussing movies. I couldn’t remember the name of a certain movie or the starring actor. I thought of the scenes and tried inserting Mystery man’s face. No luck. I know I knew his name if only I could unearth if from the useless piles of random information behind obscure doors in my mind. Sometimes going through the alphabet helps. W stood out. Making an expressive circular motion with my hands I practiced the W sound hoping the rest of the name would follow. “Wahhh, Wahhh, I think it starts with a W. You know. Come on Richard, help me. Wahhh, Something like Will.” I urged hoping for a breakthrough.
“Willis?” Richard said with a smile.
“That’s it! Bruce Willis. Wow! We are good. Between the two of us we have one memory.”
Often, I wonder why being remembered seems so important. Instead of being a lost grain of sand on the endless beach of the universe we want to know our life, our love our ideas and thoughts matter.
There is nothing famous or remarkable about me. Yet in the vastness of humanity past, present and future, I have altered events by just living my everyday life. In all the universe, I hold a place card on a family tree that reaches back to the dawn of man. Only God can determine the impact to the universe by one life lived.
This Memorial Day week I remember that everyone matters. They matter to God, family, friends and sometimes complete strangers.



1 thought on “In Honor of Memorial Week

  1. This was good, Susan. Yes, we are all tiny specks to the big wheel that makes the world go round, and we all matter. Maybe even to someone in despair or who is lonely. Thanks for the reminder!

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