Why the Long Face?

Have you heard this one? A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks, “Why the long face?” Not so funny when I am the horse. I’ve had a long face for months. Winter blahs? Oh yea. Midlife crisis?  Maybe. Global warming? Of course, isn’t everything?

We can cover the winter blahs in one short uncomplicated sentence. Winter sucks.

Midlife crisis is going to take a few pages. Lucky for you, I am a writer/editor/blogger. We can work it out in a paragraph. Take a deep breath and read this: Body slowing down, hurting and tired, mind slowing down, hurting and tired, husband/wife slowing down, hurting and tired, dog(s)/cat(s) slowing down, hurting and tired, kid(s)/grandkid(s) speeding up, hurting and tiring, world speeding up, hurting and tiring, Doctor, dentist, chiropractor, investment counselor, pharmacy, veterinarian, handy man and American Home Shield on speed dial.

Now, on to global warming. I think we covered that with that one short uncomplicated sentence because winter still sucks, but it may need more clarification. In my opinion, global warming is the Earth doing what it has always done since the middle of Genesis; being fallen and flawed because people couldn’t resist reaching for what they should not have. The world is determined to tear itself apart at the seams and one day will complete the task.  

This brings me to the realization that I forgot one item on my long face list. I’ve fallen in my faith. I stopped trusting God with every aspect of my life. I let the world bombard me with its horrors. I stopped imagining how the world and people were supposed to be before the fall and will one day be again. I forgot I don’t live for the temporal but for the eternal. It is a matter of a choice of focus. Focus in on all the wrongs and failings in life and I get stuck with a long face, or focus on what God intended for me to be and find joy regardless of the sorrows.




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