Read it again!


Ok, that is off my chest. I wish I was being dramatic; but, alas, I am not. I have been struggling with it so badly.

Today I thought I would pull myself up by my bootstraps (except that I am wearing flats) and get in gear. I am beginning another personal blog regarding a line of my children’s ministry products. To that end, I needed to go through my stash of articles on children’s ministry and see if I can re-purpose a few.

What to my wandering eyes did appear? But an article on “The Power of 15 Minutes” that I wrote! It was good stuff.

The premise? Just work for 15 minutes. And repeat it a few times during the day. 15 Minutes can be powerful. I discovered this when I was pregnant with my second child. I was on bed rest for what seemed like forever. I was allowed up for 15 minutes every 2 hours. Wow, did I ever learn how to make those 15 minutes count.

That message resurfaced today, I am sure, straight from heaven itself. OK, Pat, divide your day into 15 minutes segments. Work hard for 15, have a tea. Work hard for 15, knit for a bit. Work hard for 15, have a tea. Repeat.

Off, I go. I hope this helps someone out there that is struggling. Trying to get your writing list accomplished? Set a timer. Work for 15, whether it is brilliant or not. Getting moving is quite often the crucial element. Then repeat that process. Soon, we will be cruising (hopefully).

Try it! Report back.

Off for my 15 minutes of work. (Or should I get a tea first?)


Pat Meyers



3 thoughts on “Read it again!

  1. Good blog. I haven’t wanted to do the things I used to love to do since Christmas, except write. I keep hoping to have an urge to do them but maybe I need to use the 15 minute rule for them. Thanks.

  2. I think I ‘ll have a cup of tea while I decide what I’ll write about for 15 minutes. I think I’ll make it a BIG cup of tea. Maybe a whole teapot full. Now, what was I supposed to do in that 15 minutes again?

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