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Blog, blog, blog. Blah, blah, blah. This is what is going through my mind sitting here trying to come up with a blog post. Post. Post-traumatic, fence post, bang my head on a post, post-date, postpartum, parcel post, post mortem. That’s it! This blog post is DOA. “What was that, Bev?”

old books

Bev says I have to be positive and encouraging because Paddlecreek is all about uplifting fellow writers. Being positive is somewhat against my knee jerk reaction while under stress, but I am all about being encouraging. So here goes:

1.       Writing is a dogged pursuit but so is most life’s worthy endeavors, so just go for it.

2.       Writing is as much as imagining as putting word to paper, in the unseen world I have a library full of those books.

3.       A first draft is always the most fun. Because Bev says I have to be encouraging I will not mention editing.

4.       I am going to clean this up. Dad said, “Opinions are like rectums, everyone has one.” If some people (note: book reviewers) are being critical it is because they don’t have a Bev in their life, therefore if they give an unfavorable review they may not have been born with a rectum and as a result they are going to have surgery or die. This is how I positively look at poor reviews.

5.       If you think it up, you can write it. If you dream it, you can write it. In fact, you can write anything you want. Be warned only one tenth of what you think and dream may be fit for publishing but go ahead and write to your heart’s content.

6.       Being a poor writer is simple, being a good writer is work, being a great writer is only a matter of opinion, and you know what my dad said about opinions.

Be happy, write a first draft,



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