One Day At a Time … One Page At a Time

Seriously, how many times have we heard that phrase: “Take it one day at a time”? Too many in my book. The Lord’s Prayer states: “Give us this day our daily bread.” Daily. One day at a time.

Why the heck is it so difficult?

I mean, really! We want to see the end from the beginning. We want to type “The End” before we complete the character sketches. We want to know everything about our plot before the story unfolds instead of enjoying the unfolding process.

Is it lack of patience? Probably.

Is it lack of fortitude? Maybe.

Is it fear of what the outcome will look like? Possibly.

Is it fear of even being able to get to the conclusion? Most likely.

Taking one day at a time or — in writer speak — one page at a time takes faith. Faith in the story. Faith in the journey. Faith in ourselves.

Well now isn’t that tricky? Faith in ourselves. No wonder we want to see the end from page one. We don’t have enough faith in ourselves that we truly have what it takes to reach “The End.”

It’s tough. Not just in the writing world, but in all the other areas of our lives as well. It is just plain tough. Putting ourselves out there. Starting the story. Beginning the project. Launching a dream. Super tough.

But oh so rewarding.

And it is not just rewarding to get to the end of the task. It is rewarding along the journey, if we let it be.

Here’s to the writers and artists and chefs and crafters and creators out there — enjoy the daily walk on your creative journey. One enjoyable, fulfilling, sometimes-frustrating, day at a time.

Safe Journey To You,

Pat Meyers



1 thought on “One Day At a Time … One Page At a Time

  1. One day at a time…sigh. If only I could get that disciplined. Unfortunately my writing life is more of the “anytime anyplace” variety. 🙂 But you are absolutely right, Pat, consistency is probably the key to a successful career. Bev.

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