My Three Top Writing Books

They say writers should be readers. And boy, have I got that covered! Today, I thought I’d share three of my top writing books. These are good ones to have on your shelf as they explain the basics for any beginning writer.

  1. Writer Mama by Christina KatzWriter Mama by Christina Katz

As a mom writer, at the top of my list is Writer Mama by Christina Katz. I love the size and shape of her book. It is full of information on how to get started writing small pieces around raising a family. She covers how to get guidelines, how to know if a magazine accepts freelance articles, how to word query letters, etc. An excellent first book on writing for any writer, parent or not.

2. Writer to Writer by Bodie & Brock Thoene

Writer to Writer by Bodie & Brock Thoene

Another favorite from my early days is Writer to Writer by Bodie & Brock Thoene. This was my first writing book I bought. The Thoenes covered all the basics, from query letters to manuscript formatting, to approaching editors, etc.

3. The Writer’s Little Helper: Everything You Need to Know to Write Better and Get Published by James V Smith, Jr.

The Writer's Little Helper by James V Smith, Jr

A book that I love to look through because it is so colorful is Smith’s The Writer’s Little Helper: Everything You Need to Know to Write Better and Get Published. This is such a delight to look at, with the bright colors and graphics. It’s even better that it’s written on a topic I love-writing. Very specific information on topics like scene pacing, character development, dialogue, all the things needed to write a great book. And each chapter is short and you can easily skip around or go back and forth. A pure delight.

I have several others, but thought I’d share these for now.

What are your favorite books on writing? Share with us!



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