7 Reasons to Write Your Own Book

I have heard lots of compalints through the years about how poorly something was written. I have read stuff and thought: “Ugh! That got published?”

SO . . .

What to do if you don’t like how books are being authored these days? Write one yourself!

Here are 7 reasons to write your own book.


  1. You can make the character have whatever personality you want. If you don’t like the traditional hero or heroine, make your own. Freeing! Awesome!
  2. Do you think writers drag the story on too long? Write it the length you want it to be. No rules! Do it your own way!
  3. Do you feel like dialogue is often stilted or boring or unrealistic? Now you can create the realistic, well-paced dialogue you long to read. It’s all up to you! No more complaining about stupid comments the main character makes. You can write so every word they speak seems perfectly connected to their personality.
  4. How many times have you rolled your eyes at a ridiculous plot twist? That character does NOT seem like he/she would EVER do that. That disaster was completely over-done. There were too many mishaps. Have you said these things? Now you don’t have to! Write it your way! Make the number and type of roadblocks the characters encounter seem more appropriate. Go for it! It’s all up to you!
  5. Do you believe many side characters are stereo-typical? You have the power to change all of that. Make them bigger! Or smaller! Or funnier! Or more serious! You choose!
  6. How well do most writers develop the characters’ personalities? Do you feel like you really know them? No? Well, now you can improve on that. Develop those characters! Make the reader REALLY feel like they connect with everyone in the story.
  7. Do you, as a general rule, disagree with how a writer ends their story? Well, that can be a thing of the past. You go ahead and end your book exactly like you think it should end. No one can tell you how to end it! You are the author! End it your way!

Being a writer is so freeing. You get to do it your way.

Of course, that means you have to do it. You know, write the whole thing. The beginning, the middle, the end. It’s all on you.

Ok, sometimes that doesn’t feel so freeing.

But it is delightful. And fun. And frustrating at times. But mostly fun.

(Or mostly frustrating, I can’t remember which.)

And I love it.

Pat Meyers




1 thought on “7 Reasons to Write Your Own Book

  1. Some days, it’s mostly fun. Other days, mostly frustrating. But always an adventure! I love to tell my characters what to do!

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