Summer Reading

Can you identify with this? Something happens and you think it is a terrible sign of the coming Armageddon and it turns out to be something great instead. That’s what happened the summer our television was diagnosed with a fatal disease and with no money for repair, we thought it a tragedy. It got too hot to play outside and with no one to go swimming with, I looked around for something else to do. My mother amassed an impressive library, most of which came to our mailbox because she forgot to decline the monthly Doubleday book selections or could not resist the new releases. I read through the entire Nancy Drew collection, Hardy Boys and went on to adult fiction. Some of the reading was hard to understand but I could usually follow the plot. I don’t remember many of the titles or authors but Katherine Marshall’s Christy and Pear S. Buck The Good Earth,  Lloyd C. Douglas, The Robe, Jacqueline Susann, Valley of the Dolls, I do recall.

That summer I declared Gothic Romance my favorite but couldn’t tell you one book title or author. How tastes change. This summer I prefer suspense thrillers and only read a paper paged book if I make a trip to the library. My Kindle is my most-often reading companion. Yet, I miss standing in front of my mother’s twelve-foot, floor to ceiling, wall of books and looking for a title to catch my eye.





2 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. Can’t remember the first Pearl S. Buck book I read, but it made me fall in love with China! What’s not to love about a country that eats salted pumpkin seeds (so exotic!). But isn’t the what books do? Give us experiences —good and bad— that we wouldn’t normally have? I’m more into Daniel Silva these days, but thanks for jogging my memory about the great books I enjoyed growing up.

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