Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary

Writing is a solitary activity punctuated with flights of imagination and often drowned in sheer boredom of being in your own company. Enter the Writer’s group. Definition: A gathering of whacked out counterparts on a mission to do everything but write. As a group, we Paddle Creek Writers, have that last part nailed.

happy birthday, paddle creek writers graphic

We talk, we laugh, we eat, we talk some more, we laugh, we set a timer to write but usually interrupt with talking and then we drink iced tea, eat a little more, talk some more, laugh some more and then play Monopoly Deal until Bev wins and we are allowed to go home. I should be fair and admit that we do a lot of talking about writing. Sometimes we even get an average of fifteen minutes of uninterrupted writing time. Mostly, speaking for myself, I just reread what I have written during a solitary writing time. But, editing still counts as writing. (Notice I broke a formal rule of writing by starting a sentence with “but” We embrace rule breaking as one of our credos of Paddle Creek Writer’s.)

In truth, I have forgotten how long the four of us have been a writer’s group but I know it has been well over a decade. Two years ago this month, we gave ourselves a formal name and congratulated each other in declaring ourselves not only Paddle Creek Writers but announcing ourselves to be Paddle Creek Publishing. We are an INDIE publishing company, which stands for INDeed I Edit all my own stuff and then publish it on Amazon.

Sad to say after a dog’s lifetime of being together, one of us relocated to somewhere out west. Those of us left behind remain brokenhearted but drown our sorrows in extra games of Monopoly Deal until she sees the error of her ways and comes back home. We are nothing if not shortsighted, stubborn, and delusional.

To celebrate our two-year anniversary, I am offering an e-book cook book, In the Kitchen Again, Cakes and Pies, free on Amazon. Due to the mysteries of KDP Select I could not offer the other two, which was my intention. I hope you enjoy Cakes and Pies as your freebie. I offer the link to the other two even though I am, sadly, unable to give them to you. If anyone has the clarity of understanding in regards to why KDP Select will not allow more than one free book promotion in one time frame, please pass that information along so I can quit banging my head on the table.


In the Kitchen Again, Soups, Stews and Casseroles

In the Kitchen Again, Cakes and Pies

In the Kitchen Again, Sandwiches and Salads



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