It’s a Two Year Old!

It is a fabulous thing to stop for a moment and celebrate an achievement. That is what we are doing this month!

Paddle Creek Writers Group is TWO YEARS OLD!

happy birthday, paddle creek writers graphic

Now, oftentimes two-year olds are difficult, belligerent, and quite trying. Not this two-year old! This is pure joy and delight!

I wish I could give you a peek into the dining room, where we usually meet, the day we decided on Paddle Creek Writers for our name. It was hilarious. Well, we thought it was anyway.

Pursuing a writing life, we determined, is very much like attempting to travel up that dreadful creek void of a very useful paddle. We laughed, we toasted ourselves with our iced tea glasses, we laughed some more. Then we moved forward. We created a blog header, we bought our domain name, we set a blog posting schedule (which we follow with zero accuracy), and we began.

I love the thought that on any given day, in any given month, you can just begin something. It wasn’t there, then it was.

When a baby is born, it is expected. Perhaps some pregnancies aren’t planned, but the baby coming forth is not a surprise.

But in other realms, like writing or business, you can just sit down one day with a slice of fruit and a muffin and a cup of tea … and POOF! A plan is born.

That’s what we did. That’s who we are.

And, as writers, that’s what we do on many many many of our days. A blank piece of paper or a blank screen becomes a written piece. POOF! It is a writer’s joy — getting words down on paper. And, if you like the words upon reflection, well that is a writer’s dream.

And living that life and dreaming those dreams with these ladies has been one of my greatest joys.

My husband and I recently moved halfway across the country and I am counting the days until I sit with them drinking tea, playing Monopoly Deal, and writing again.

I hope, pray, and trust that you have such people in your world. People who encourage you, laugh with you, keep you humble yet inspire you all at the same time. One of life’s many blessings.

In celebration of our 2nd birthday, I am giving away two signed copies of my novel Caitlin’s Summer Adventure. It is written for 8-12 year old girls, but I have had responses from all different age groups on how they loved the read and were blessed by the book. Simply comment below and I’ll draw from the names. Let me know if you want me to sign it to someone special. I’ll contact you to get shipping information after the drawing.

Additionally, I am making my children’s ministry books published on Kindle available for free for the next three days (starting Tuesday, 6/21/16).

Here is a link to my author page on Amazon — you can find all the books there:

Patricia Meyers Author Page


Blessing upon blessing,

Patricia Meyers


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