Two and Counting…

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Two years ago, as I pressed the “publish” button and sent my first Paddlecreek article into cyberspace, my hands were shaking. It’s scary to put your thoughts out in public. Well, some things never change, as my heart will beat a little faster when I push the “publish” button for this column these many months later. It’s an overwhelming and heady feeling to think we can communicate with like minded people that we haven’t met…yet. Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

Exciting news. Our group is growing! From four we have expanded to five and are joined by Janet…who is working on her memoirs and is also a poet. Without further ado, Heeeeerrrrreeeesssss Janet!

The writers of Paddle Creek blog have been a blessing to me. I have written since I was young, but never thought about writing seriously. With the encouragement of these ladies, I have begun my memoirs and am working on a book about my travels abroad. I don’t know how long it will take, but I will persist until I succeed. Then it will be time for a real celebration! Thank you writers and friends.


So, to celebrate our second anniversary and Janet’s arrival, I am adding two things to the giveaway pot—an Amazon gift certificate and a book by Gavin Aung Than called Zen Pencils. To be eligible for the drawing, all you have to do is send us your favorite adjective. It’s that simple. This morning I ran across one of mine… incandescent… and thought it would be fun to hear what words make you happy. The gift certificate will go to the adjective I like the best, and the book to the second best. Can’t wait to hear what you’re thinking.

Happy Writing!




6 thoughts on “Two and Counting…

  1. Bev , one of my favorite adjectives is ” Enchanting” . I find it is a word that fits so many of the beautiful, places I have visited.

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