All Things Wackadoodle

While typing a blog post after the word association half-awake thing on May 10th, I noticed that the word wackadoodle did not highlight in red. Huh. I dreamed a real word. Sure enough, the Oxford Dictionary definition is “NOUN 1. An eccentric or fanatical person: “an alarming number of wackdoodles predict the world will indeed end “ADJECTIVE 1. eccentric or fanatical: he had given credence to a lot of wackadoodle beliefs”.” Did you catch that deja vu moment in the noun definition in reference to the first in this series of blog posts. Today is May 11th and here we are. Did you notice the world did not end?

Now, on to the adjective definition, Query, do you love adjectives as much as I do?  The word ADJECTIVE is a 7/4 consonant/vowel mix of letters, most often reserved for Eastern European languages, of which is Serbian. My husband is half. Wackadoodle, right? Coincidentally, adjectives are the marshmallow hearts, stars and four-leaf clovers of writing. Otherwise, it would be just plain boring oat cereal.

Back to wackadoodle. Kind of like whack-a-mole with dee noodles. It makes me think of eating Little Shin Shin’s Chinese food in Oakland, California while watching, via web cam, mole extermination in my back yard. If you saw the interstate system of tunnels in our back yard, you would understand. If this confuses you, first of all, you are not alone, and second, please refer to the Noun definition of wackadoodle in the above paragraph. I am trying it out. Being wackadoodle outside of a half dream/awake state is not as easy as it seems, my practical nature is making it problematic.

The other day, I started thinking of ways to make my novel more interesting. Every avenue of thought took me to the same place. Someone beloved has to die. Eek. Oxford would benefit from another noun definition of wackadoodle. Noun 2. Writer.




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