Into the Mind of a Writer


This morning I thought a little half-waking word association would kick-start my creativity and produce some book plots or blog post ideas. Half asleep I grabbed my kindle, scrolled through to get to my note app and hastily, one fingered typed the all-important list.  Abandon all reason and come follow along with me.

  1. The end of the world
  2. All things wackadoodle
  3. Saga of the chickenfish
  4. I dreamt that up
  5. Things that suck and blow
  6. Sam Elliot has udders
  7. Is that cow porn?
  8. Flash sideways at the funny farm

I can explain. Well, mostly I can explain. That thing about the chickenfish, I’m not so sure. In my groggy-but-all-things-are-possible state, every item on the list carried equal importance and seemed highly intelligent. Notice the key word, seemed. Apparently, my dream self cannot be bothered with minor things like logic and common sense.  Since I always try to complete whatever assignment is set before me, I will make these items into blog posts that not only make perfect sense to you but will inspire you to do some early morning free-association calisthenics of your own.

Number one is a good place to start. The end of the world. Simple. I watched Castle before going to bed last night. I thought they mixed up their plots and snuck in an old Halloween show because the actors were off drinking Pina coladas on a Caribbean beach and couldn’t be bothered to work extra to cover for their vacation, instead they opted for a re-run.  Oh, how wrong I was. It was not a re-run but a show built around the end of the world. Today. Yep. May 10 ,2016 is the end of the world. I wish I had remembered that so I didn’t go through with this ridiculous free-thinking exercise to get a plot idea.

Back to the end of the world. This happens regularly and it has all up sides as far as I can figure. Let’s use that list making thing since, so far today, it has a lot going for it.

  1. People think all day about God.
  2. It gives everyone something to talk about besides the disaster of election politics
  3. You don’t have to suffer through any more ridiculous blog posts
  4. More important, I don’t have to suffer through any more ridiculous blog posts
  5. It solves the age old question of “what’s for dinner?”
  6. I don’t have to address why Sam Elliot has udders and if it is cow porn
  7. It solves the dilemma of whether to be buried or cremated
  8. Aging is over


Have a happy end of the world and if that sadly doesn’t happen you will be hearing from me next week about all things wackadoodle. That gives me exactly seven days to come up with something.



2 thoughts on “Into the Mind of a Writer

  1. I love this post.It made me laugh out loud. Can’t tell you exactly why, but it appeals to my inner goofy, I guess. Chickenfish and Sam Elliott with udders? Wackadoodle? Oh, my world is a cautious, quiet place compared to yours, Susan! Good job.

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