There is no Competition …

I read this quote the other day, it did not have a source:

There is no competition. No one else can be me.

Isn’t that awesome? I love it.

So often, when we don’t agree on a thing, a thought, an opinion, a whatever; we feel challenged to either conform or compete for who is right. I have been in that situation, and I hate it. People feel they must compete. I don’t know where or why that began. It’s okay to compete in games or contests. But in who we are? Yuck.

Why can’t we have differing opinions? Styles? Expressions? Etc. We are different.

We think differently.

We have been raised with different belief structures.

Our life’s journey has had different twists and turns resulting in a different set of experiences.

We can be different. It’s cool. It’s good even.

And, therefore, with that being true; we will have differences in our approaches to things.

Our little Paddle Creek Writers group has shown that to be true.

We have so many things in common, yet we are each very different.

And it shows in our writing styles and approaches.


Every time we do a writing prompt it is a blazing example of this fact. One prompt – four completely different results.

I love it. We all love it.

And I sincerely hope you have people surrounding you who are different so you can enjoy that loveliness.

Patricia Meyers

Caitlin’s Summer Adventure – a novel for girls




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