Yummy Books

second fiction stack

second fiction stack

What makes a yummy book, a book that you can’t put down and stay up until the break of dawn to finish? Lets take a look at that list:

1. Attention grabbing opening sentence
2. Characters come to life
3. Engaging story
4. Fast pacing
5. Just enough description to put a reader there
6. Writing that brings imagination to life
7. Conflict at every page turn
8. Believable and engaging dialogue
9. Good editing and no typos
10. Judicious word choices
11. Superb writing
12. Well planned plotting
13. A surprise or two
14. Thorough research
15. Keeping the story pace right to the end
What do you have to add to this list? What are some of the books you could not put down? I am always looking for more reading material and Kindle Unlimited is one of my best friends.

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