Things they are a’changin!

I’m moving. It is weird to say it, but I am. My husband and I are heading to the lovely state of Nevada in 11 days!

Here are a couple of pictures of our life right now:


Stuff for the moving truck.


Beginning of the pile that must be stuffed into the cars

.That is just the logistics. We’ve planned our route. We’ve made hotel reservations. We have a couple of visits scheduled. We know the dates. The weather looks good. All systems are “Go!”

That is the logistics. That is NOT the heart part.

We are leaving behind loves, memories, experiences, learning, growth, and so much more.

We go to Nevada very different than the two youngsters that came to the St. Louis area a few decades ago.

Some of the major difference between the “then” me and the “now leaving” me is a direct result of the writer’s group I am a part of and the many days and hours we have spent together.

I hope you all have such lovely people in your life as I have been blessed to have.

Keep writing …

Pat Meyers



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