Stinky Books

Kindle Unlimited is a wonderful source for reading a large volume of books. Sadly, there are enough stinky books to make a search for reading material like a trip to the dump searching for treasure. I have learned to get samples of questionable books to weed out the most odoriferous in the hundreds of thousands. What makes a stinky book? Check out this list:

1. Typographical errors

2. Name changes

3. Plodding plot

4. Infantile dialogue

5. Strings of obscure large words

6. Off the wall plots

7. Flowery description

8. Too much narrative

9. Insipid main characters

10. Writing in past tense

11. Overuse of ly words

12. Run-on sentences

13. Unbelievable situations

14. No depth in plot, characters or story

15. Failure to engage reader

16. Too much specific description

This list is, by no means, complete. What are your favorite reasons to throw a book on the stinky pile?



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