I remember the day …

I remember the day I wrote my first fiction story. I know that sounds odd, but I do. Well, I had written a skit or two in high school. And there was probably a paper here and there that was fictional, but not a real fiction story.

I  majored on non-fiction. I edited projects for others. I wrote corporate letters and proposals. I wrote Bible studies and lessons. I even wrote puppet skits (which, of course, are fiction, but quite different). I wrote all kinds of things. But not an actual fiction story.

Then I started working on a line of curriculum for children’s ministry (available at ChildrensChurchStuff.com) and I wanted to include a fiction story. Kids love stories, right? Actually, we all do.

I was working on a children’s church lesson about thankfulness. I decided I could do it. Why did I decide I could?


But I did it.

old school computer

I went to the Zoo (we have a fabulous zoo in St. Louis). I sat on the patio of the Lakeside Cafe and wrote. I had a pad of paper (not exciting, but serviceable) and a pen and I went at it.

I wrote Hal, The Seal Feeder and I loved it. It’s one thing to write something. It’s another thing to really like it.

And I did.

From that point forward it was as if a vein had been opened. I can write fiction anytime I choose (seriously, that line is fact not fiction).

It’s weird to think that that sentence is true.

I can write fiction anytime I want.

On demand. For a deadline. Upon request. About anything (remember it’s fiction).

That’s what it’s like to be a writer. You just write. And write. And edit. And re-write. And write some more.

And I love it. I hope you write at times in your life, even if it is a sweet personal note or a thoughtful thank you card. It’s lovely to take a thought from inside of you and share it with others. Fiction or non.

Can you remember the “moment” that your dream became a reality? Or a “moment” when your reality changed? What was that moment?

Patricia Meyers




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