Stinky Books

Kindle Unlimited is a wonderful source for reading a large volume of books. Sadly, there are enough stinky books to make a search for reading material like a trip to the dump searching for treasure. I have learned to get samples of questionable books to weed out the most odoriferous in the hundreds of thousands. What makes a stinky book? Check out this list: Continue reading


Seeing It All…Maybe

books and girl figureAs of today, the 23rd of December, 2015, I have officially seen it all.

I drove into a perfect parking place at the local St. Louis Bread Company, and decided to finish listening to a wonderful Christmas carol playing on JOY FM. We were in the midst of what we used to call a “gully washer” in my home state, and I hoped that by staying in the car a few minutes more maybe the rain would slow down a bit and I wouldn’t have to regret the fact that I forgot my umbrella at home. Continue reading