My Big Accomplishment in 2015

You are probably expecting something momentous with that heading. Or mind-boggling. Or really spiritual. Or that my book became a New York Best Seller!

But …

Here it is …

I gave up all sweeteners in my tea and coffee!!! Yay me!!! Way to go, Pat!

The honey pot is in the picture just because it is cute.

The honey pot is in the picture just because it is cute.

I actually did not think I could do it. I tried a few times before and failed dreadfully. But this time — success! I simply loved Sweet ‘n Low in my iced tea, sugar in my hot tea, and Sweet ‘n Low in my coffee. I just loved it.

Here’s what I did:

I went off all sugar completely, including sugar in things you buy — peanut butter, salad dressings, etc. I was dogmatic. I’ve done it before, but every other time I kept Sweet ‘n Low in my tea.

Not this time!

This time I cracked it. And I couldn’t be more excited. I read an article about how your body processes (or doesn’t process) artificial sweeteners and it broke me. I knew the yuckiness of the other sweeteners, but I thought I was a little more “safe” with Sweet ‘n Low. I was wrong. Artificial cannot be processed by your body. Period. And it fools your body into storing fat. It’s not pretty.

But it was hard!!! And — as if there needs to be more — I love it plain!!! I prefer it plain!!! Who knew ?

I’ve had other fabulous things happen in 2015 — answers to prayer (major ones), plans to move across the country, new job, connecting with old friends, first book signing … but this one takes the cake because it took the most work.

After this getting the books written and marketing done seems possible!

So, what is on my plate for 2016? I don’t know! I have lots of things I want to do: 2nd book in my series to finish, book marketing to launch. There are thing I need to improve and strengthen, so I guess I’ll pick one or two and go after it!

It is so amazing to succeed at a challenge.

What’s your big accomplishment for 2015? What is it? Let’s hear it! Shout it out!!!

Pat Meyers


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