Searching for Mr. Goodread


Writers read. I tell myself that each time I go to the Kindle store and tap Kindle Unlimited. Over one million books to choose and have I ever been indulging in some unexpected pleasures. Who knew a dog included romance could be so much fun? Thank you Jackie Bouchard. Or being stranded on a tropical island is not only dangerous but a peek through binoculars into a fascinating history.  Hats off to you Prichards for that one. I especially like the thrillers of James Hankins and Robert Dugoni.

Sure enough, for the low, low price of $9.99 a month I have become a lady of the night. Ten customers at a time sometimes seems too few. I console myself with the thought that I may be cheap, but I am not easy. My writing customers must be aware, I am discriminating and hard to please.  I require proof up front that you are worth my time. Stars talk or I walk.

Once I enter into a writer’s world I require exceptional and engaging prose. I am enthralled by seducing turns of phrase, revealing dialogue, heart-stuttering action, mesmerizing plot and mouth-watering climaxes. At the conclusion of our transaction, I encounter five blank stars. One star is effort alone. To get the coveted five stars, in my book, the writer must excel at his or her craft by taking me to another dimension, wringing emotion from the depths of my soul and shattering my mundane life with adventures beyond my wildest dreams.

Have you read any great books lately? If so, I would like to know about them. Are they available on Kindle Unlimited?   Happy reading.



1 thought on “Searching for Mr. Goodread

  1. So many books…so little time. I’m trying to spend a little time in the classics once again…just reread Alice in Wonderland and remembered why I loved it so much. Next I”m going to finish a book I just bought—Cookie Encounters— a first novel by author Michelle Connell. I’ve heard it’s wonderful. 🙂

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