It’s all just fodder … ?

I love what Bev said in the last post that everything is fodder for writing. Whether something is interesting, inspiring, terrifying, sad, thought-provoking, or just plain facts that need to be shared; it can be material for the writer.


That being said, how the writer chooses to relay that information makes ALL the difference.

Bev’s recent post (you can read it here) is a great example of this.

She didn’t just say, “My friend is moving, I’ll miss her.” She painted a picture that brought the emotion and thought process to life in our mind and imagination.

She didn’t just delineate what would be missed, i.e. pizza outings; she described it with color and flair so we all thought our favorite pizza place and what their best dish is (whether pizza or something else).

And she didn’t just relay emotion that could be felt by her alone; she described emotion that made the reader think about their experiences.

Didn’t you think about someone who moved away and left a hole in your world? Didn’t you think about your close friends and how your daily or weekly schedule would change if they were not in it?

Well, I did. And I still am. Thanks for that, Bev.

And, lastly, I was reminded of a movie line from a not incredibly well-known movie: Sarah, Plain and Tall. The main character and her adopted children were talking about the letters she and her now husband wrote before she moved west to meet him. She said “what a person chooses to put down on paper is as important as what they say.” I’ve always loved that line because it is chock full of truth for those of us who call ourselves writers. What we choose to write about and how we choose to come at a particular subject says so much about us.

There lies the challenge and delight of writing: Finding and honing our own style and signature. Coming at a topic in a unique and creative way. Making our words descriptive enough to come off the page and rest in someone’s heart and mind.

Pat Meyers



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