Self Discovery in Historical Research

These past months I have immersed myself in research of 1939 Germany. Yes, I have learned a lot about the subjugation of the Jewish people and the atrocities perpetrated by Hitler and his like-minded cronies, but I have learned more about myself, and what I want to be, than I ever thought possible.


  1. Looking back in history and being impartial is impossible. What resonates within me is based on preconceived notions of good, evil, wrong and right that surround that moment in history. This is how I have come to understand the present existence of neo-Nazism, denial of the holocaust and those who commit genocide.
  2. Time does not heal, it anesthetizes. We live in a world ready to strike the spark that will bring annihilation to thousands at any moment. I choose to be aware there are those willing and able, and all too eager, to begin a new holocaust.
  3. There is a time when victims live in symbiosis with their tormentors. They lack the will, the desire to see change and the organization to stand up against their enemies. This phenomenon has puzzled me for a long while, until I considered what might happen if I became a citizen of scorn in my own country. Then the realization struck me mid-thorax, I am a citizen living under scorn in my own country. The United States reviles Christians and their beliefs in the media, in cinema, in the halls of justice and on the lips of the politically correct every day. It is a propaganda, a campaign of evil not unlike the attitude against Jews throughout history.
  4. When the choice comes to, help those needing refuge from persecution, turn my back and ignore or aid the perpetrators, I want to be strong enough to lend aid regardless of fear.
  5. When a psychopath sits in power, you can expect crazy to start catching. The nature of a psychopath is to appear normal until he/she loosens the reins on the hounds of hell. I have learned to watch the dogs doing the bidding of the master.
  6. When morals are compromised, evil moves in for the long haul. It began with a woman, a man, an apple and a snake.

There is one last thing I would like to comment upon. Great wrongs against people in the past are a part of who we are today but they do not define us in total. Good and evil exist in all of us. It is wrong to continue a campaign of hatred against any group of people once that campaign has ended and all responsible parties have been punished or deceased. Wrong is never righted by more wrong. Hatred does not foster understanding or encourage love.




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