Courage—More Than A Seven Letter Word

If you’ve stopped by Paddlecreek before, you know it is the collaboration of four writers. Four very different people who have grown close as they have struggled with the in’s and out’s of this thing we love and, at times, don’t love—writing.

We started out over ten years ago. Over coffee, we  compared styles, asked questions, laughed (alot), and put hundreds of words down on paper. We wrote a “Prompt” each time we got together (back then, we were the Bowler Road Writers) and read it OUT LOUD. That took courage, because writing as fast as we could for 30 minutes and then sharing our thoughts with each other wasn’t always pretty. Continue reading

Self Discovery in Historical Research

These past months I have immersed myself in research of 1939 Germany. Yes, I have learned a lot about the subjugation of the Jewish people and the atrocities perpetrated by Hitler and his like-minded cronies, but I have learned more about myself, and what I want to be, than I ever thought possible.

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