Writing Weekend

It is another retreat weekend again.YAY! We returned to Rend Lake Resort again. Apparently we like it here.

I’m writing this as I sit at the wooden table in our room. The table is moved close to the door because the light in this part of the room is the only decent light we have. However, the other two are snoozing so that light is off. But I have the bathroom door open and the light from there along with the computer light is sufficient.

I can look up and see the water through the balcony door, the edge of the dock is in my view along with a host of birds flying about for their breakfast. My cup of Irish Breakfast Tea is at hand and I’m in the writing mood.

Rend Lake

We have discovered that going on a weekend retreat puts us in an automatic writing mood.

I’m not sure if it is because we made a solid foundation at our very first retreat. We went to a remote cabin and there was not one thing to do except write (no stores, no restaurants… nothing). So we wrote. (Also, we weren’t addicted to Monopoly Deal at that time.)

Or perhaps it is because we choose to do so. At home there are so many distractions, both welcome and un. But here, we write. And play cards on our breaks. And laugh.

Oh, and we eat. We seriously over pack food every single time. We have tried a couple of times to scale back. It is embarrassing to look at the amount of food we brought. We made an executive decision last night that we would eat from our room and not go to the restaurant this weekend. Good decision.

And we write.

I am working on something new this weekend. There is nothing like just sitting and writing. Simply letting the words flow. I am loving it.

Bev and Michelle, conversely, are working at the end of projects: editing, rewriting, correcting errors, pulling out their hair, groaning now and then.

A writer’s life consists of both ends of the game: The fresh and new along with the frustration of finishing.

And we push on. Loving the writing life. Loving the writing weekends. And loving our writing friendship.


Pat Meyers




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