Time to Blog

There it is on my smartphone calendar for August 31, 2015; my personal nightmare and a few handfuls of followers worry; BLOG POST DUE, situated above the day’s other entry: CT Scan. The latter is a brief, painless procedure of modern medical science. The former is a long, painful procedure which may involve the deployment of oxygen, ice packs and strangely, a CT Scan.

You few handfuls of followers need not be alarmed or worried. The moment my eyes opened this morning I have been contemplating blog. Meaning, I have turned that word around and around in my head and cannot figure out what it means. I found butt-log entertaining but nonsensical. Beast-log makes the most sense to me because the nasty critter hulks in the corner and growls until I open my laptop and feed it some words.

All out of ideas, I grabbed my Kindle and keyboarded my request into the Silk Browser. Voila!


[blag] (I have no idea how to put those two little dot things over the “a”; so just say blah and then add the “g” sound. Someone told me recently what they are called but I can neither pronounce it nor spell it.)


  1. A personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites. Etc. on a regular basis


  1. Add new material to or regularly update a blog


1990s: shortening of weblog

The noun and verb forms of blog do not satisfy this hankering to understand blog; but the origin sure does. It also explains a lot. I was preoccupied in the 1990s. While everyone else hopped on the bullet train into the age of computer nirvana, I flagged down a horse and wagon and went camping. Not really. That was just a fantastical comparison to feed the Beast-log. He likes big words and takes an animalistic glee when I come off electronically stunted.

In case you are concerned about the CT Scan on today’s calendar, don’t be. The doctor needs to see the cavities in my head. Won’t he be surprised to find one big cavity with nothing but the word blog bouncing around in there.


http://www.amazon.com/Kitchen-Again-Soups-Stews-Casseroles-ebook/ (Kindle ebook)


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