Bathroom Reconstruction

So, my bathroom is under construction. Ever been there? What an ordeal.

The entire house is dusty, chalky footprints everywhere.

Image result for free images of bathroom under construction

Trips to the hardware store to pick up stuff. Trips to the hardware store to return stuff. Hunting on YouTube for how-to videos. Verbally tackling the very helpful Alex at Home Depot.

And … repeat.

What does that have to do with writing, you may ask?

EVERYTHING!!!!! and nothing. But mostly EVERYTHING!

Well, not really every single thing; but it seems as if. I have hardly written a word. I haven’t edited a page. I haven’t even had reading time.

I clean. I feed. I babysit so the daddy can help.


And, I’m loving it. And it is looking awesome.

bathroom recon

I can write next week, right?

Or the week after. (hehehe)


Pat Meyers


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Reconstruction

  1. Funny the similarities between construction and writing! Make a plan (plot), tear down (after rough draft) , put together (edit) —and, in between, check on-line for helpful suggestions. Then polish and stand back and admire. Congratulations on your new bathroom!

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