Time to Blog

There it is on my smartphone calendar for August 31, 2015; my personal nightmare and a few handfuls of followers worry; BLOG POST DUE, situated above the day’s other entry: CT Scan. The latter is a brief, painless procedure of modern medical science. The former is a long, painful procedure which may involve the deployment of oxygen, ice packs and strangely, a CT Scan. Continue reading


Ah, Those Pesky Struggles

Our dog Willie recently had surgery and was required by his Vet to wear a “cone” for 10 days. To say it cut into his worldview would be to minimize the trauma this caused the poor pup. He banged into doors, and tripped over his own feet. He had to smush the edge of the cone into the floor in order to eat his food or quench his thirst. But worst of all, the wold passed him by without him ever seeing it–encased as he was. There were squirrels he couldn’t chase and butterflies that flew by without a “woof” or a growl. Apples fell from the trees and lay, untouched by canine teeth, in the grass where they rolled. To put it mildly, Willie struggled. Continue reading