The Three-Bucket System

Recently I listened to Jeff Goins speak for a Self-Publishing summit. If you don’t know Jeff Goins, he has a blog called and is the author of The Art of Work and other books. During the summit, he gave a great idea to keep the cycle of writing moving along.

 Three Buckets

Goins’ formula is to always keep a couple ideas in the first bucket (or in this case a file or a folder) to work on at any given time. In the next bucket keep an idea written out in rough draft and in the final bucket, keep articles that just need some quick editing and polishing to get them done and out—whether to a blog, ezine or whatever.


This way there is always something in the circle to work on and always something new being generated to work on. Keep ideas by using the memo function on a smart phone, by recording it in a small recorder or writing it on a sticky note if away from your computer or desk. This way you constantly have articles in process to work on and publish. This system works especially for writers who have a blog or write short articles or devotionals.

What are some ways you keep the ideas rolling in and the work cycle moving? Share them in the comments.

Go fill some buckets!





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