Words are very important

A friend of mine was enlisted to help move items from his uncle’s house after he passed away. His sister said there was something she wanted and he generously offered the service of him and their brother to get it for her.

“I want the commode in his bedroom. Do you mind?” she asked.

“The commode? Really?” Harry asked.

“Yes, the bigger one,” was her answer.

“Ok, we’ll bring it to you Saturday.”

The guys went to the uncle’s house and headed upstairs. There were two commodes, and one was definitely a little bigger than the other.

“Why are there two?” Bill asked.

“Who knows,” said Harry. “He was sick for a very long time. Maybe they took one downstairs and had one for up here for him. Let’s get ‘her done.”

“Why are there two of us?” Bill asked.

“I thought it would be porcelain and heavy,” said Harry. “I didn’t know it was a portable commode.”

So they chose the larger one and put it in the back of the truck.

Their sister lived in a posh area of the city. The guys took the commode up the elevator and into her hallway of her upscale building. She came to the door of her lovely condominium and greeted them with a shock!

“What in the world?” she exclaimed.

“Commode for you, ma’am,” Bill said.

“I don’t want that nasty thing,” she stated. “I wanted the commode with the drawers and gorgeous mirror attached.”

“You mean the dresser?” asked Harry.

“Oh for goodness’ sake, get that thing out of here. But don’t let anyone see you with it!”

Click here to see the real definition of the word commode.

Toilet is the third definition!!!

Words are important. Choose them wisely.

Pat Meyers



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